General information
Scratch Music means: to make music starting from scratch.
For the participants in the Scratch Music Days Leiden it means: taking part in a musical event that annually draws more than 3,500 people from all over the country and even from abroad. They are of various backgrounds, young and old, amateur and experienced musicians, who share a tremendous enthusiasm to make music together!

How come?
In 1987, members of the Collegium Musicum (Leiden University Choir & Orchestra) travelled to the city of York in England for an international exchange event. English students came up with the idea of a joint performance of George F. Handel’s
Messiah, from scratch. The only rehearsal for the Dutch students was listening to a tape during the bus trip. It ended up as a far from flawless performance, but enthusiasm was born on the spot! Would not it be great to make this a yearly event back home?! Choirs and orchestras in the Leiden area were approached and in June 1988 the first Scratch Messiah is performed in the Petra Church. It is a great success and for the next year a larger location is needed: the Pieterskerk (Peter’s Church), a historical monument from the 14C in Leiden. The event continues to grow. A second day is added, and a third one and a fourth one…. And there is not only Handel’s Messiah to be sung, but also Mozart, Verdi, Musical Highlights…. And now, in our anniversary year 2013, it has grown one time into a five-day event! Nowadays, after 25 years, Scratch Music Days Leiden is The Unique Scratch Event in the Netherlands and also the biggest one in Europe.

How does it work?
In the morning you arrive at the Pieterskerk, together with –each day- about 900 singers and other musicians. You rehearse all day with a professional choir conductor and in the afternoon professional solo singers join you. And then, in the evening, you will find an enthusiastic audience to welcome the result of your joint adventure: the concert! You will be famous by then….

Lees hier de nieuwsbrieven!
Scratch Muziekdagen Leiden: het grootste jaarlijkse scratchevenement van Europa
Scratch komt van de Engelse uitdrukking ‘to start from scratch’ ofwel ‘met niets beginnen’. En dat is precies wat dit evenement is: samen met zo’n 1000 andere muziekliefhebbers uit alle delen van het land op één dag een muziekstuk instuderen én ’s avonds uitvoeren voor publiek.

Onder leiding van een professionele koordirigent en solisten, bieden De Scratch Muziekdagen een podium aan zangers en muzikanten uit Nederland én Europa. Iedereen mag meedoen, of je nou heel goed bent of niet. Meedoen met de Scratch Muziekdagen, betekent ook een dag vol plezier, gezelligheid en ontmoetingen. We hebben elk jaar een uitgebreid programma, dus je kunt zelf kiezen uit verschillende muziekthema’s en data. Meerdere dagen meedoen kan natuurlijk ook, dus graag tot Scratch!